We are creating an interactive application that allows safe and secure collection and storage of psychosis patient data for OASIS.

All source code is documented thoroughly here: https://github.com/oasisclinic/ (Runnable Code)

Project Introduction:

UNC Outreach and Support Intervention Services (OASIS) is a program for individuals with or at risk of early onset psychosis. Inspired by Australia’s Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre (EPPIC), OASIS aims to provide comprehensive treatment as early as possible in order to improve patient outcomes. OASIS is comprised of experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers who work with not only patients, but their caretakers, friends and family.

A crucial operation that keeps OASIS running smoothly is the collection and storage of detailed evaluations from OASIS members, patients, and caretakers. These evaluations allow the clinic to quantitatively and qualitatively assess its efficacy and publish reports on its experimental approach to treatment. Currently, all evaluations and patient information is collected periodically and manually inserted into a single Microsoft Access database. We intend to assist OASIS in creating a cloud-based, user-friendly application that allows immediate collection of information in a secure and failsafe manner. Furthermore, the new OASIS database will be designed to allow customization of reporting metrics to serve any future needs of the OASIS clinic.


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